Business Builder Initiative™

What is the Business Builder Initiative™?

The Business Builder Initiative™ (BBI™) is a multi level business development and improvement programme designed specifically for owner managed businesses. 

Its aim is quite simple; to help owner managed businesses become more profitable, successful and jargon, no management consultancy ‘speak’ and no smoke and mirrors…  just plain, simple ‘stuff’ that works. 

Drawing on more than 50 years experience working with and alongside small and medium sized businesses, the Business Builder Initiative™ has been developed and written by qualified business coaches, management consultants and accountants. Although the programme is structured, it is not prescriptive. 

Each programme is tailored to help meet the specific challenges, issues and goals of each individual business - something that simply cannot be achieved with rigid programmes, worksheets and workshops. 

The Business Builder Initiative™ goes where you and your business need it to go, professionally guided and with specific resources delivered as needed.

Every business is different. Every business owner is different. So every BBI™ is different.

What does it cover?

Broadly the Business Builder Initiative™ programme covers the 5 functional areas of any business. We use the term ‘functional’, as this is one of the cornerstones of the BBI™ approach - thinking about your business functionally, not personally.

The headline areas are:

  • Sales - Strategy & structure, sales planning, incentive schemes, pricing, product/service development, negotiation & closing
  • Marketing - Target market, proposition, positioning, segmentation, promotion, campaigns
  • Operations - Resource planning, efficiency, systems, management
  • People - Conflict resolution, succession planning, recruitment, talent management
  • Finance - Forecasting, cash flow, margin & costs analysis, profitability, pricing

Who is it for?

The Business Builder Initiative™ is structured as a multi-level business development and improvement programme so that its content can be flexed to meet the business needs of any business that broadly meets the EU definition of a micro-, small- or medium-sized business (SME). 

Multi-level approach

Different businesses need different levels of support at different times. BBI™ is designed to allow you to select the intensity of our support and involvement, depending on the changing needs and ambitions of you and your business.

The easiest analogy is that of moving through the gears whilst driving - you can change up, or down, on a monthly basis, and even take a break by pressing pause. 

There are (broadly) four levels of BBI™: